You want your new website to be found when people search for your services. Here at 45Squared we look to set our clients up with success right from the start. Here are a few things that we get setup right at the start for our clients!

Page Load Time

Nothing is more frustrating than a website that does not load quickly. In today’s digital age we want our content as fast as we can consume it. At 45Squared we utilize cutting edge enterprise grade servers to deliver a fast website.

Some of the technologies we implement for all of our clients include:

Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks or CDN’s push your static content all around the world so that no matter where your visitors are they are loading your content from a near by source.

Database Offloading

This practice takes the database where all of your content is stored and pushes it to another server. This allows your primary web server to handle the web site visitors while another server handles the heavy lifting of processing data!

Optimize Titles

When potential visitors are searching for your website you want to draw them in with catchy titles and great descriptions. Nothing is more unappealing to a potential client than a title that doesn’t say much about your website or a description that doesn’t tell them what they are going to be viewing.

Let’s look at some examples. Which do you like better?

If you are anything like me you picked the image on the right because it provided you the visitor much more information! At 45Squared

we setup your website to have great titles to start and we will help you create catchy descriptions!

Create Fresh and New Content

Think about the websites that you visit often. On these websites how much does the content change? My guess is that the content you consume every day isn’t the same thing. You visit websites that post new content each day and try and learn something every day.

At 45Squared we publish simple articles as often as we can that are informative to our clients and other visitors. This helps keep our clients up to date on new issues, products and services that 45Squared has to offer. It also establishes credibility in our field on new and emerging technologies.

We recommend that all of our clients blog, or start writing fresh content for their website. We even offer services to help them achieve this goal.

When looking at migrating to the cloud I highly suggest starting with the rehosting method. This will give you experience into how your new cloud provider functions. It will expose you to their enhanced services and ultimately put you down the path to becoming a cloud expert!

If you or someone you know needs assistance in migrating to the cloud or needs someone to talk to do not hesitate to consult with 45Squared!

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