If you are using WordPress like we do every day, you know that WordPress only gets better when you add increased functionality with plugins. We’re sure you have seen plenty of other lists for popular plugins but we thought we might as well through our hat in the ring with our top 5 favorite WordPress plugins!

5. Contact Form 7

We’ve spoken about Contact Form 7 a handful of times so it makes sense that it finds its way to the number 5 spot on our list. From a simple contact form to a lead generation form with integrations with Google Adwords, Contact Form 7 has been our go-to form generator for years now. It has a wide variety of integrations as well as a high level of customization that can be done. If you are looking for a great contact form software, look no further than Contact Form 7.

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4. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the best tool for caching your website to increase page load times. We integrate our websites with Amazon Elasticache and W3 Total cache to ensure that our websites outperform the competition. W3TC has a plethora of options, settings, tweaks and more to make your website respond faster. If you aren’t using a caching system on your website yet definitely take the time to do some research on the matter!

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3. Gmail SMTP

While there are many email plugins for WordPress, nothing quite beats the simplicity of Gmail SMTP. Exceptional documentation and easy setup. Stop using WordPress’s mail function and upgrade to sending email safely and securely with this plugin.

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2. Fusion Page Builder

Our favorite theme, and one of the most installed themes, Avada, comes with Fusion Page Builder. This minimal page builder packs a ton of features with a simple lightweight interface. It makes building pages easy and effortless. We utilize it for blog posts, main pages, and landing pages and everything in between. If you haven’t tried Fusion Page Builder out we highly suggest you do soon!

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1. WP Offload S3

We’re Amazon Web Services nerds. Its how we make our clients websites run so well. WP Offload S3 is by far our favorite plugin. This plugin allows you to offload your media assets (pictures, videos and more) to an Amazon S3 Bucket. After you have your content uploaded you can easily create your own Content Delivery Network to drastically increase your page load times. WP Offload S3 has a ton of other advanced features outside of the free version that will always hold it near the top of the list for us!

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Our short list of plugins will help everyone get started enhancing their WordPress websites. If you or someone you know needs a website built, hosted or simply has a question please share this article with them or have them contact us today!

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