Our friends at True Terpenes hosted their website on SiteGround for years. While it was a great place to get their business off the ground they eventually had growing pains. They contact us to take over hosting their two large e-commerce websites. Little did they know we had improvements beyond their wildest dreams in store for them.

The Plan

Step 1: We brought up two new server images one for each e-commerce website. Their old SiteGround VPS didn’t allow each site to scale individually. As one site saw more traffic the other would suffer. By separating the servers we instantly will gain better performance.

Step 2: Segment out the databases. Most people don’t do this. At 45Squared we see this as a crucial component of running a great website. We spun up a separate database instance to load both MySQL databases in. This allows their critical business data to reside separately from the web server increasing performance and scalability.

Step 3: Migrate. We started by loading the files from each site to their new respective server. We took a snapshot of each database to test all functionality before going live.

Step 4: Go live. We shut down the existing websites and took a new snapshot of the database and moved it over. Once everything was loaded we went live!

The Results

Before we get you to the final results lets look at some statistics from their sites before we moved them.

Site 1: SiteGround page load time: 4.8 seconds

Site 2: SiteGround page load time: 4.64 seconds

We tested both sites using Pingdom from their San Francisco location.

Site 1 After Migration

After the migration, we achieved a page load time of 2.63 seconds! Now, we didn’t do any optimization on their website as we don’t handle any of the design aspects but simply moving it to a 45Squared managed web server we were able to remove 2 seconds from their page load time. How’s that for an increase!?

Site 2 After Migration

On the second site, we lowered their page load speed to 1.32 seconds. Originally this site was loading at 4.64 seconds. Like the first site we did not do anything to optimize the page we simply moved it to a better server.

Not only did we save them a bunch of time on page loads which will help them stand out among the competition we were able to significantly lower their monthly expenses for web hosting while providing them with a fully managed solution!

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