At 45Squared we utilize Amazon Web Services to deliver a superior web hosting platform for our clients. So what makes Amazon Web Services so special over other cloud providers?


Amazon Web Services is a global leader in providing cloud computing at a low cost. Amazon Web Services has had 62 price reductions since its inception. It is well documented that Amazon Web Services has the lowest pricing compared to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Compute. This has lead Amazon to become the leader in cloud computing according to Gartner.


For you finance guys and gals cost is always on the forefront of your mind. We built 45Squared around the idea that enterprise grade web hosting shouldn’t break the bank. So we set out to build an enterprise class hosting platform at a small business budget. The result is what every 45Squared customer has come to enjoy.

  • Dedicated Systems

  • Scalability

  • Content Delivery Networks

  • Distributing Processing

  • Advanced Security

We do this all for an affordable rate and provide the management for you so that you can get back to doing what your business does best!


With 18 service categories Amazon Web Services provides a large catalog of services to build any application. From machine learning to call center applications Amazon Web Services can deliver an exceptional experience for your customers and employees.


Currently 45Squared utilizes a handful of Amazon Web Services offerings. We are constantly learning and evolving our platform to deliver a more efficient experience for your customers.To day we utilize:

  • Cloud Compute

  • Relational Database Service

  • Cloud Front Distribution

  • S3 Storage

  • Route53

  • Cloud Container Service

These products tied together bring you the fastest, most responsive website on the internet often beating page load times on other services by 5 seconds. Faster load times mean more customers getting to your website quickly and often making more sales


The evolution of cloud computing has allowed more businesses to focus on the core aspects of their business. Rather than investing thousands of dollars into the servers and hardware, companies can spend a monthly amount that fits exactly what they need. With no upfront cost the cloud allows companies to scale indefinitely always ensuring they have the proper amount of cloud computing power.


45Squared manages business websites in the cloud. With a personal hands on approach geared towards small businesses we allow companies to receive an enterprise grade product at the cost a small business can afford.

With many great options for web hosting out there it can be hard to choose. Whether you choose 45Squared as your hosting provider or not we are here to help. Feel free to contact us at any time!